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Digital Transformation

Companies are constantly challenged to better their efficiency and business processes, as well as developing new business models and resources. It’s not always a easy task to understand and deliver in adequate manners to the needs of a varied target consumer of a organization.

We have roots on technological development, as well as a deep connection with marketing and business strategies. We are capable of building solid bridges between IT and the real world, with a multidisciplinary culture, agile methodology and innovation.

Digital Transformation is more that process digitalization, it’s a break of paradigm and processes to construct a different business culture, mutable and adaptive.


Application, first, only?
Every project has its own specific needs, but all must have the user as the objective, helping and simplifying his routines, fun or work, with agility, usability and interaction.

The development mobile trespass the application, envolves all the conception process, analysis and development of product, always thinking on the user.

Bring your idea and discover how Geek Business Lab can change it into a complete mobile business.

We use the following technologies:


Web applications

Agile applications, robust and scalable tailored developedfor your business, focusing on better results and creating incredible experiences for the user.

Our Geeks are specialist in the development of complete solutions, creating applications, building APOs and integrating with existing systems using many different technologies like Angular.js, Node.js, .net Core e Graphql, em Realtime Database e Sql Database.

We use the following technologies: