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Geek Business Lab

Geek Business Lab is a hub for Brazilian startups that have as a diferencial technological innovation and new business development. We are specialist on the development of complete personalized solutions for companies of any size and sectors, accelerating every time more every digital transformation processes.

Now a days, the company is divided in to two main nucleus: one focused on develop Geek projects and the other one focused on helping the global market demands.

A little history

Founded in 2016 by three unsettled entrepreneur friends, Geek is born with the objective to develop digital projects in the local ecosystem and since then has been gaining noticeability in the technology market.

Years passed by and on demand projects developed, we never stopped working on our own dreams and projects. One of these projects became the App Concursados – Desafio OAB, which, in 2017 was in the Inovativa final, the largest acceleration startup program in Latin America, which pushed us even more on our innovation path.

Between the many projects created by Geek Business Lab, four, in special, made a life of it’s own and became startups. They are, Concursados, PEPS – Field Marketing, PEPS Sampling e Tour Gourmet.

They are the spearhead of our Business Lab, which is in constant movement, capacitating our team, investing in new technologies and mapping the main market demands, helping with quality innovative products.

These are some of the companies that trusted their projects to Geek Business Lab over the years: